Woodford Avenue, A1400, Ilford

OS 1937-61
Modern Map
Date opened/built:



1.23 miles (1.98kms).


9-ft (2.74m).

Adjoining footway:


Road type:

Urban dual carriageway.


Modern asphalt.

Both sides of road:


Adjacent to social housing:


Period mapping:

OS 1:1,250 surveyed 1954, published 1955 https://maps.nls.uk/view/102910411
OS 1:1,250 surveyed 1962, published 1963 https://maps.nls.uk/view/102910870 Both maps — of the start and end of Woodford Avenue’s cycle tracks — show the tracks, marked “cycle track.” Trebor works: OS 1:1,250 surveyed 1954, published 1955 https://maps.nls.uk/view/102910396 Also see the large scale side-by-side mapping: https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/side-by-side/#zoom=18.003333333333334&lat=51.59401&lon=0.03704&layers=170&right=osm

OpenCycleMap status:

https://www.opencyclemap.org/?zoom=16&lat=51.58572&lon=0.05308&layers=B0000 Cycleways marked both sides of road for most of Woodford Avenue; footways not marked.


Period maps, period newspapers, period aerial photographs, Google Earth’s 1945 aerial layer.

Cycle tracks in front of former Trebor Factory on Woodford Avenue, Clayhall, 1950. Credit: Britain from Above.

A series of eight high-definition black-and-white photographs of the small Trebor sweet factory in Ilford show that, in September 1950, the cycle tracks on Woodford Avenue were made from concrete and the footways were surfaced with asphalt. “Cyclists only” signs can be seen facing the tracks. Slim grass verges abut the road.

Today the grass is gone and the cycle track and footway, once demarcated with contrasting surfacing materials, have been asphalt-capped into a shared-use path. The Trebor factory has also gone, replaced with Teresa Gavin House, which is the HQ for the Mulalley construction company.

The cycle tracks and adjoining footways on Wood Avenue extend from today’s Charlie Brown roundabout to the Woodford Avenue roundabout intersection with Redbridge Lane East/Beehive Lane, bizarrely ending 850 metres away from the long-distance period cycle tracks on Eastern Avenue at Gants Hill.

On the undeveloped parts of Woodford Avenue there are still wide grass verges.

“For the benefit of the many cyclists who use the Woodford-llford Road (A1081) tracks will be provided between Chigwell Road and Beehive Lane on either side of the road,” reported a newspaper in September 1936.

“On the south side the cycle track will be 9ft. wide but on the north side it will be restricted to 6ft. until the existing carriageway is due for reconstruction … The Woodford-Ilford road forms a continuation of the North Circular Road, linking up with Eastern Avenue, and the section dealt with under the scheme is about 2,240 yards long,” continued the report.

There’s no documentary evidence for a completion date for Woodford Avenue’s upgrade but most schemes of this length in the period took two to three years to build — it’s therefore probable that the cycle tracks were operational in either 1938 or 1939.


Today the grass is gone ... https://goo.gl/maps/enhi9NxDP4LBdqfX8

The Trebor factory has also gone ... https://www.mulalley.co.uk/aboutus.html

On the undeveloped parts ... https://goo.gl/maps/QPqwrfm5JGEYu11W6

“For the benefit of the many cyclists ... Herts and Essex Observer, 5 September 1936.

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